Veronica Arena (Leadfeeder)

Mar 3, 2021
Veronica Arena

Veronica Arena

Veronica Arena is a leader who truly understands multiculturalism.

She has lived in Argentina, Finland, and the UK, experiencing first-hand what cultural diversity means and how it enriches our professional and personal lives.

Her career led her to work in fast-paced environments in the Venture Capitalist scene first, before moving on to hyper-growth European startups.

She now takes this treasure trove of experience with her at Leadfeeder, where as the Head of People, she ensures the company keeps its feet anchored to its core values while embarking on a fantastic growth path.

In this episode, we talk about how being a remote-first company enables Leadfeeded to grow fluidly into new markets and how Governments can help attract talented people from abroad to enrich local innovation ecosystems.

Happy listening.

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